I believe that little choices can change lives forever and that making the right small choices every day, adds up to a lifetime of priceless memories and experiences. I am fiercely optimistic about the future and believe life turns out most enjoyable when the honest path is followed.

​I have no idea where my path will take me, but challenges are welcome every day.

This site will be used as my creative outlet.


Look through my resume and let's collaborate! Career background in Corporate Finance, Accounting, Controlling, FP&A.​

Past experience includes an international assignment with ABB in Zurich, Switzerland, contract FP&A roles with Intuit, DoorDash, and currently Finance Manager at Zefr.


Interested in my personal favorites? How about a book suggestion, or an adventure trip idea/experience, or a referral? Let me know what you're interested, and I can add to the site!


Sharing photos can be very enjoyable. Feel free to take a look at some of the places I have been!.


Feel free to reach out if you'd like to connect. I am most interested in networking, providing personal financial tips, career opportunities, business ventures, and just plain fun. I look forward to all interactions!